I’m trying on the costumes for the book trailer as they arrive to make sure I have everything and know how it all goes together. Having worked in a museum, accuracy is important to me. It’s also, admittedly, a lot of work. This gown required a chemise, stays, a petticoat, hip pads, and pins down the front to keep it together.

It is authentic as heck…but definitely not quick to put on. I had the option of using theatrical costumes made for quick changes. The majority of the audience probably would never have known the difference, but folks who love the 18th century would have spotted the cheats. The theatrical costumes laced up the back, where most 18th century garments closed in the front. And the theatrical versions had boning built into them. The garments we’re using don’t have boning–they’re meant to be worn over stays.

This gown in particular is intended for a much taller gal, so it doesn’t sit quite right on me, but now at least I know what order the pieces are put on and how it gets pinned closed.